There's nothing we love more than to share our passion for the materials we use - and it's easy to do with the enthusiasm we have!


It is truly our belief at UnEarthed Natural Building & Conservation that the desire to provide Shelter for oneself is a basic human instinct.  Furthermore, to be able to repair your own building using Vernacular and Traditional Materials can save YOU money, and ensure the appropriate care and longevity of the UK's magnificent historic buildings.


We want to show you that you have the ability to create beautiful, functional structures, and have fun while you do it!  All you need is the inspiration and basic skills to unlock your abilities, which we can provide...


We have organised and taught courses to Enthusiasts,  Homeowners, Sustainable Education Centres, Contractors, Architects, Engineers & Conservation Officers, Schools  and anyone else who wants to know what we're up to!  Alex has also given Lectures for Earth Building UK, The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) and Aprovecho Education Centre.


We can teach on-site, in the classroom, or at our 18th Century Cob Training Facility in Normandy, France, where we hold several courses a year.


Courses are advertised on this page, but if you want to find out more, or hold your own, please call us!


Suggested Courses:


  • Full Tiny Homes from the Ground Up

  • Cob Building Workshops

  • Cob Oven Workshops

  • Repair of Earth Buildings

  • Strawbale Workshops & Demonstrations

  • Earth Plasters

  • Natural Insulation

  • Earth Mortars

  • Care & Repair of Wattle & Daub

  • School Workshops and Lessons

  • University Lectures

  • On-Site Building / Repair Consultancy

  • Historic Buildings Consultancy


Alex has taught courses, lead workshops and given lectures in the UK, France and USA, in the use of Natural Building Materials and Cob Repair and is a well versed experiential learning facilitator.


Have a look at the 'ABOUT' page to find out more...

Upcoming Course Dates:



Earth Building UK Conference & Workshops

Errol, Scotland

June 2015


This year Earth Building UK are holding a series of Workshops in the lead up to their annual Conference.


Workshops will include Cob Building & Repair, Rammed Earth, Clay Plasters, and more....


To find out more, please visit www.ebuk.uk.com or Contact Us.




OR call 07871 690605 to book, or arrange your own course!